Islas Las Aves

These two archipelagos, Aves de Barlovento en Aves de Sotavento, 35 miles east of Bonaire are a protected area owned by Venezuela. No inhabitants, there is only a station of the Guardia Civil to control the visiting yachts and fisherman.

Aves de Sotavento 

Aves de Barlovento

Miles and miles of turquoise waters and and green mangrove islands populated by thousands of birds. This is the place to see manta rays and dolphins. Beautiful reefs will invite you to go snorkeling and diving or just "own" your own island for a day or so. What about a barbecue on your own beach after fishing or catching your lobster? This is the unspoiled world of Las Aves.
In 1998, an American team rediscovered the wrecks of 23 French warships who hit the reefs of Las Aves and sank in April 1668 on their way to Curaçao to fight with the Dutch. One of these warships was the famous " Le Terrible". Over 1200 sailors lost their lives and the survivors were stranded for almost one year on these unknown islands. On a calm day you can see the canons while snorkeling or diving.

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